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Table 2 Performance of pattern matching system on development data. Precision and recall numbers for pattern matching system using: A) Simple direct matching of synonyms to text. B) Direct matching of synonyms to text only considering informative synonyms. C) Same as B, except restrict that a synonym must be in a documents candidate list for match to be valid. D) Same as C, except matches are run with all tokens stemmed. Numbers are reported for both fly and mouse.

From: Automatically annotating documents with normalized gene lists

Fly Precision Recall F-measure
A. basic matching 0.033 0.861 0.063
B. informative syns 0.458 0.727 0.562
C. candidate list 0.709 0.667 0.687
D. stemming 0.713 0.690 0.701
mouse Precision Recall F-measure
A. basic matching 0.151 0.583 0.240
B. informative syns 0.478 0.548 0.511
C. candidate list 0.739 0.505 0.600
D. stemming 0.716 0.656 0.685