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Table 3 Task 2 participants. The table shows the overview of the participants undertaking task 2.

From: Evaluation of BioCreAtIvE assessment of task 2

Participant Methods Task 2.1 Task 2.2
Ehrler et al. [20] Sequentially applied finite state automata Yes Yes
Couto et al. [19] Information content of terms Yes Yes
Krymolowski et al. [26] Heuristic rules, query expansion and question answering system Yes No
Verspoor et al. [21] Word proximity networks approach Yes Yes
Krallinger et al. [22] Heuristic weight and sentence sliding window Yes No
Rice et al. [23] Term-based SVM approach Yes Yes
Ray et al. [24] Statistical learning/Naïve Bayes method Yes Yes
Chiang et al. [25] Hybrid method: pattern matching and sentence classification. Yes Yes