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Table 1 Orthographic Feature

From: Recognition of protein/gene names from text using an ensemble of classifiers

Features 1–11 e.g. Features 12–21 e.g.
Comma , OneCap T
Dot . AllCaps CSF
Parenthesis () [] CapLowAlpha All
RomanDigit II CapMixAlpha IgM
GreekLetter Beta LowMixAlpha kDa
StopWord in, at AlphaDigitAlpha H2A
ATCGsequence ACAG AlphaDigit T4
OneDigit 5 DigitAlphaDigit 6C2
AllDigits 60 DigitAlpha 19D
DigitCommaDigit 1,25 Others Other
DigitDotDigit 0.5