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Table 2 Performance and configurations of all the evaluations in the protein/gene name recognition task

From: Recognition of protein/gene names from text using an ensemble of classifiers

Modules Closed-1 Closed-2 Closed-3 Open-1
SVM Surface word, orthographic feature, morphological pattern, trigger word
  GENIA-POS Refined-BioCreative-POS Refined-BioCreative-POS Refined-BioCreative-POS
DHMM1 Surface word, orthographic feature
  GENIA-POS Refined-BioCreative-POS Refined- BioCreative-POS Refined-BioCreative-POS
DHMM2 Surface word, orthographic feature, BioCreative-POS
Ensemble Majority Voting
Abbreviation Resolution Abbreviation Resolution based on the parentheses structure
Name Refinement N/A N/A YES N/A
Dictionary Matching Closed Dictionary Closed Dictionary Closed Dictionary Open Dictionary
Overall Performance P79.97 P80.46 P82.00 P75.10
  R80.50 R80.80 R83.17 R81.26
  F80.23 F80.63(+0.40) F82.58(+2.35) F78.06(-4.52)