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Figure 1

From: Systematic analysis of human kinase genes: a large number of genes and alternative splicing events result in functional and structural diversity

Figure 1

CST distribution. (a) Full set of CSTs found in the selected genomic regions (See Methods), grouped according to ENSEMBL gene and exon annotation. Exonic CSTs are indicated as In exon when completely included in one exon, Span 5' or Span 3' when overlapping the 5' or 3' end of one exon, Span 5'-3' when CST contains one exon, Multi exon or Multi Transcript when a larger CST covers more than one exon of one or more transcripts. (b) CSTs contained within the analysed kinase genes: 20% of the CSTs, initially annotated as intronic, are indicated as "exon-like" because positive to one or more of the tests described under methods. (c) Exon-like CSTs within the analysed kinase genes, positive to one, two, three and four of the used test criteria (see methods). (d) Number of kinase genes containing at least one exon-like CST positive to two, three or four tests.

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