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Table 2 Inferred ad experimental networks compared in this work

From: HomoMINT: an inferred human network based on orthology mapping of protein interactions discovered in model organisms

Dataset Number of interactions Description or reference
OPHID 23359 [15]
Sanger 37007 [13]
Sanger H.C. 5647 [13]
HomoMINT 9749 This work
HomoMINT_filtered 5203 HomoMINT filtered for domain architecture conservation.
HMINT_2 int 290 inferred from interactions confirmed by at least two experiments.
HMINT_2 org 126 inferred from interactions supported by experiments in at least two model organisms
HM_LT 543 Inferred from interactions discovered by low throughput experiments.
HEN 28531 Compilation of interactions between human proteins
iHOP 278452 [28]