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Table 1 List of covariates included in the model and method/algorithm of calculation.

From: A multivariate prediction model for microarray cross-hybridization

Covariate Description Method
X1 Probe sequence length count
X2 Probe GC content (%) count
X3 Target length count
X4 Target GC content (%) count
X5 Smith-Waterman score alignment (SW*)
X6 E-value alignment (SW*)
X7 Percent identity alignment (SW*)
X8 Overlap length (base pair) alignment (SW*)
X9 Free energy for probe DNA folding** Mfold [52]
X10 Standardized Euclidian distance [55]
X11 Most contiguous base pairs customized method
X12 GC content of the most contiguous segment count
  1. *SW is the abbreviation for the Smith-Waterman alignment algorithm.
  2. **For ease of computation and interpretation, all covariates are shown as positive. X9 is minus ΔG, so its values are positive.