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Figure 1

From: Lower expression of genes near microRNA in C. elegans germline

Figure 1

Localized decrease in mRNA levels near miRNAs. A and B, The expression levels around each miRNA are plotted against the window width (A: data by Kim et al. [7] and B: germline data [8]). It should be noted that only 83 and 84 miRNAs are shown in A and B, respectively. This is because no protein-coding genes are found near the other miRNAs. Also miRNAs, which were close to each other, having the same expression values of surrounding genes were grouped and treated as a cluster. The information on the numbering of the axis labeled "miRNA" in Figure 1A and 1B is found in supplemental files. C and D, Distributions of the normalized average expression in the 10 kb window (C: Kim and D: germline data) (see the navy blue bars). In these histograms, distributions of the normalized averages in other distance ranges are also plotted: the light blue and yellow bars represent a distance range between 10 kb and 100 kb and a distance range between 100 kb and 1000 kb, respectively. E and F, The average expression levels over all miRNAs are shown (E: Kim and F: germline data). The normalized expression levels of randomly selected genes are also shown in these graphs.

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