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Table 3 GO terms that match P53_HUMAN and BRCA1_HUMAN in the Biological Process category

From: Gene functional similarity search tool (GFSST)

BRCA1_HUMAN P53_HUMAN D-value Common Parent
GO:0045786 GO:0045786 0.0000000000 Exact Match
GO:0006978 GO:0008630 0.0000752370 GO:0042770
GO:0042981 GO:0008628 0.0003009510 GO:0042981
GO:0045739 GO0006284 0.0007899980 GO:0006281
GO:0042127 GO0008283 0.0011285690 GO:0050875
GO:0006357 GO:0006355 0.0012163460 GO:0006355
GO:0046600 GO0046902 0.0037869760 GO:0006996
GO:0016567 GO0051262 0.0221701130 GO:0044267
GO:0006359 GO0006289 0.0287408930 GO:0006139