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Figure 1

From: GOurmet: A tool for quantitative comparison and visualization of gene expression profiles based on gene ontology (GO) distributions

Figure 1

The GOurmet Vocabulary program calculates and displays the fractional representation of every GO term in each inputted expression profile. Depicted is a screen capture of the GUI showing the fractional representation of GO terms in a sample gene expression profile (in this case, the list of genes preferentially expressed in gastric zymogenic cells). Other profiles can be selected by clicking on the tabs. Results can be outputted in a multi-sheet MS Excel Workbook file (not depicted) for each expression profile, where one sheet summarizes the statistics of the annotation (number of genes in the profile, percent of those genes successfully annotated with GO terms, etc.), the second sheet lists every GO term associated with each gene, the third lists all the GO terms found in the profile, followed by the genes associated with each GO term. Results can also be output as tab-delimited Comparison files as input for GO Cartography.

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