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Figure 4

From: GOurmet: A tool for quantitative comparison and visualization of gene expression profiles based on gene ontology (GO) distributions

Figure 4

The GOurmet Cartography Targetoid plotting window. Depicted is a screen shot where the sample GEP profile has been chosen as a center element (center elements are selectable in the dendrogram window), and all other profiles radiate outward in direct inverse proportion to how similar they are to GEPs. Note how GEPs are more similar to the other two stem/progenitor profiles and more distant from all the profiles of differentiated cells. Relationships among non-center elements are only approximately reflective of their similarity and are depicted by how far apart they are from each other (θ angle between elements in this polar coordinate system). Any profile can be selected as the center and, by multiply selecting different profiles, users can reconstruct all the direct relationships among the various profiles. A sliding bar allows the user to focus on certain regions of the targetoid space (important for visualization when large numbers of profiles are compared at once and many similar ones cluster closely together); users can also adjust the axial scale. The targetoid plot can be output as a jpeg.

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