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Table 5 The experimental verified vs. predicted CK2-specific phosphorylation sites of Bluetongue virus (BTV) nonstructural protein 2 (NS2), Drosophila transcription factor GAGA and human Calmodulin protein.

From: PPSP: prediction of PK-specific phosphorylation site with Bayesian decision theory

CK2 NS2 (P23065) GAGA (Q08605) Calmodulin (P62158)
Experimental Defined S249, S259 S378, S388 T79, S81, S101, T117
PPSP T247, S249, S259 T123, S335, S337, S380, S388 T5, T79, S81, T117
NetPhosK T87, T88, S204, T247, S249, S259, T266 S388, T394 T5, T28, T44, T62, T79,
S81, S101, T117
  high S259 N/A N/A
ScanSite medium S249, S259 N/A S81
  low T88, S182, T247, S249, S259 T385, T394 T79, S81, T117
KinasePhos 90% (Sp) T247, S249, S259 S240, S241, S339, T378, S386, S389,
S391, S393, S397, S518, S521, S523
T5, T44, T79, S81, S101, T117
  95% (Sp) S249, S259 S240, S339, T378, S386,
S391, S397, S518, S521
T5, T44, T79, S81,
S101, T117
  100% (Sp) S259 S339, S521 T5, T79, S81, S101, T117
GPS S249, S259 T123, S337, S339, S385, S386,
S388, S518, S521
T5, T44, T79, S81, T117