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Table 3 Top ranking candidate genes for 'Hypertension'. The list was complied on the basis of the overlap of the disease concept profile with those of the individual genes. 'Candidate SNPs' shows the number SNPs classified as deleterious in each gene. The 'OMIM' column indicates which genes are associated with essential hypertension in that database. The 'GAD' column shows the number of votes for or against a role for each gene in hypertension in the Genetic Association Database [47].

From: SNPs3D: Candidate gene and SNP selection for association studies

Gene Symbol Candidate SNPs OMIM GAD
AGT 1 Y N3/Y19
ACE 6   N6/Y24
AGTR1 2 Y Y11
GNB3 2 Y N1/Y6
HSD11B2 1   Y1
CYP11B2 2   N1/Y2
BMPR2 0   
ADD1 1 Y N5/Y4
REN 3   Y3
EDN1 0