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Table 4 Example candidate SNPs for hypertension

From: SNPs3D: Candidate gene and SNP selection for association studies

RefSNP ID Gene Name Refseq Protein SNP SVM profile SVM structure Structure and Sequence Properties dbSNP ID and Population Frequency
rs11571098 REN NP_000528 R33W -1.63 -0.21 Salt Bridge lost ss20420843:4% (African American)
rs4976 ACE NP_690044 I444T -1.26 -1.15 Hydrophobic Interaction loss ss6413:5% (Multination) [76]
rs5247 CMA1 NP_001827 H66R -2.51 -1.49 Salt Bridge lost; key catalytic residue, very conserved ss6694:10% (Multination) [76]
rs5518 KLK1 NP_002248 V193E -1.62 -0.70 Buried Charge, hydrophobic interaction decreased ss6984:5% (Multination) [76]