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Table 2 Performance of proteochemometric models. Performance of proteochemometric models derived using wild-type and multiple chimeric receptors interacting with melanocortins, α-MSH, NDP-MSH and [125]-NDP-MSH. Shown are results from the model based on binary receptor descriptors (A) and the model based on physicochemical description of amino acids of the transmembrane regions presumed to face in a direction opposite to the membrane (B) (see Methods for further details).

From: Prediction of indirect interactions in proteins

Model R2 RMSE (log(M)) Q2 iR2 iQ2 eQ2
A 0.91 0.45 0.83 0.49 -0.21 0.84
B 0.91 0.46 0.82 0.46 -0.25 0.85