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Table 2 Example BioWarehouse operations, implemented as SQL, and as operations in the Java utilities.

From: BioWarehouse: a bioinformatics database warehouse toolkit

Example SQL Java
Create a new entry in the Protein table and add a comment for it in the CommentTable. // Obtain a new WID SELECT WID_sequence.NextVal FROM dual INSERT INTO Protein (WID, Name, AASequence, DataSetWID) VALUES ('5', 'Sample Name', 'XXX', '2');
INSERT INTO CommentTable (OtherWID, Comm) VALUES ('5', 'Tester"s comment');
// A new WID is automatically obtained by the Protein class
Protein protein = new Protein (2); protein. setName("Sample Name"); protein. set AASequence("XXX"); protein. addComment ("Tester's comment"); protein. storeQ;
Retrieve an existing entry in the Protein table and alter some of its data. SELECT * FROM Protein WHERE WID = '5'; UPDATE Protein SET Name = 'New Name' WHERE WID = '5'; Protein protein = new Protein (2, 5); protein. load(); protein. setName("New Name""); protein. update();
Delete the Protein entry. DELETE FROM Protein WHERE WID = '5'; Protein protein = new Protein (2, 5); Protein. delete ();