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Table 3 EC number content of Swiss-Prot, TrEMBL, PIR, CMR, and BioCyc. Total EC numbers is the number of distinct EC numbers in each DB. Incremental Novel ECnumbers is the number of EC numbers present in a given DB that were not present in all preceding DBs in the table. For example, 158 EC numbers are present in PIR that are not present in either Swiss-Prot or TrEMBL. We do not show all pairwise combinations of shared EC numbers between DBs because it is not particularly meaningful. Time is the execution time of the SQL query listed below to compute the distinct EC numbers in each DB on a dual-CPU 1 GHz Pentium Oracle server with 2 GB memory running Linux. Note that because a PIR warehouse loader does not exist at this time, PIR statistics were obtained through queries to an XML version of PIR outside the warehouse. Note also that it is somewhat surprising that PIR contains EC numbers not found in Swiss-Prot, because version 42.6 is a UniProt version of Swiss-Prot that incorporates data from PIR. It appears that not all data from PIR entries has been incorporated into UniProt.

From: BioWarehouse: a bioinformatics database warehouse toolkit

Database Version Total EC numbers Incremental Novel EC numbers Time
Swiss-Prot 42.6 1899 1899 7.6 s
TrEMBL 25.4 1678 316 53 s
PIR PIR-PSD 78.03 1695 108 na
CMR April, 2003 1230 26 159 s
BioCyc 7.6 1357 44 2.6 s