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Table 2 Feed-forward and coherent loops statistics. The coherent loops were converted only if the relation between the transcription factor and a target was PromoterBinding. Table shows the number of loops with different relation types between the regulator node and the transcription factor node (Figure 1). Coherent loops are feed-forward loops with coherent regulation effects. Because many loops shared the same Expression relation between regulator and target, the number of Expression relations converted to regulation is smaller than the total number of coherent loops.

From: Automatic pathway building in biological association networks

  Feed-forward loops Coherent loops
Relation from Regulator to TF Number of unique Expression relations Number of loops Number of unique Expression relations Number of loops
DirectRegulation 3242 4849 1109 1345
Expression 8911 13468 3638 4600
MolSynthesis 231 233 95 96
PromoterBinding 591 767 124 133
Regulation 10592 17246 4359 5646
Total 26689 40588 7411 12023