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Table 1 Coregulation Groups for Rosetta ROC Analysis. This table provides groups of genes that are believed to be coregulated based on the metabolic pathways of S. cerevisiae as summarized in the KEGG database.

From: LS-NMF: A modified non-negative matrix factorization algorithm utilizing uncertainty estimates

Coregulation Groups
Group KEGG Pathway Genes
1 glucose fermentation ADH5 ALD5 ADH4 ADH2 ADH1 ALD4
2 phenylalanine degradation ADH5 ARO10 ADH4 ARO9 ADH2 ADH1
3 sulfate assimilation pathway II MET10 MET3 ECM17 MET14 MET17 MET16
4 gluconeogenesis TDH2 PCK1 YMR323W ERR1 ERR2
5 serine-isocitrate lyase pathway CIT2 ACO1 YMR323W ERR1 ERR2
6 TCA cycle, aerobic respiration CIT2 KGD2 ACO1 IDH1 IDH2
7 tryptophan degradation ADH5 ARO10 ADH4 ADH2 ADH1
8 glycolysis TDH2 YMR323W ERR1 ERR2
9 histidine biosynthesis HIS7 HIS4 HIS5 HIS3
10 leucine biosynthesis LEU2 LEU1 BAT1 LEU4
11 tryptophan degradation via kynurenine BNA4 BNA1 BNA2 BNA5