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Table 1 The parameters recommended by Cherkassky and Ma (2004) (ε and C) and the final optimized parameters (ε, C and γ) of the SVRMHC models constructed for the three mouse class I alleles.

From: Quantitative prediction of mouse class I MHC peptide binding affinity using support vector machine regression (SVR) models

  ε-recommended ε-optimized C-recommended C-optimized γ-optimized
Model for H2-Db 0.0475 0.0150 10.34 18.39 0.0316
Model for H2-Kb 0.0513 0.5134 10.88 34.41 0.0316
Model for H2-Kk 0.0152 0.0152 10.00 10.00 0.3162