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Table 1 Biomarker genes for the different muscular dystrophies. Biomarker genes selected at the 5% confidence level from temporal Hotelling pairwise tests, whereby each strain of muscular dystrophy is tested for significant differences with each of the other strains.

From: Exploiting the full power of temporal gene expression profiling through a new statistical test: Application to the analysis of muscular dystrophy data

Strain GenBank Accession P-values Symbol
   MDX vs WT MDX vs BSG MDX vs GSG BSG vs WT GSG vs WT BSG vs GSG  
MDX NM_008322 5.12E-06 2.56E-04 3.45E-05 4.52E-01 5.80E-01 7.19E-01 Idh2
  AF192382 1.05E-02 2.20E-03 5.09E-09 6.03E-01 1.30E-03 1.55E-01 Prnd
  NM_016861 3.27E-06 2.56E-04 2.63E-04 6.78E-01 7.60E-01 8.18E-01 Pdliml
  Y13832 3.57E-02 3.02E-02 2.91E-06 2.90E-01 1.79E-05 2.85E-01 Gtl2
  AJ277114 1.63E-03 2.68E-03 2.91E-06 2.30E-01 1.36E-02 5.12E-01 Maged2
  NM_008517 2.58E-04 4.91E-04 3.95E-03 7.06E-01 9.17E-01 3.90E-01 Lta4h
  NM_021467 3.87E-03 2.88E-02 2.49E-02 1.74E-01 8.79E-01 6.31E-01 Tnnil
  NM_011812 3.00E-02 2.66E-02 7.89E-04 9.97E-01 9.98E-01 l.OOE+00 FblnS
BSG NM_019446 8.24E-01 5.63E-03 7.65E-01 4.15E-02 8.54E-01 2.06E-02 Barhll
  NM_010902 4.65E-01 1.68E-02 6.75E-01 2.19E-03 4.25E-01 6.89E-03 Nfe212
  NM_009536 5.30E-01 2.76E-03 6.46E-01 5.09E-03 9.70E-01 2.06E-02 Ywhae
  NM_020329 7.23E-01 3.02E-02 7.86E-01 3.51E-03 7.98E-01 2.96E-02 Dolppl
  NM_010074 9.57E-01 2.92E-02 4.37E-01 3.04E-02 3.45E-01 3.19E-02 Dpp4
  NM_016755 9.71E-01 4.26E-02 9.39E-01 4.50E-02 9.83E-01 3.41E-02 Atp5j
  NM_021291 5.10E-01 4.25E-02 6.93E-01 3.25E-02 9.54E-01 4.74E-02 Slc7a9
  J03783 8.29E-01 4.43E-02 9.67E-01 4.53E-02 7.68E-01 2.92E-02 116
GSG NM.009538 3.72E-01 7.22E-01 2.75E-12 1.67E-01 < 1.00E-12 2.06E-02 Plagll
  NM_015784 9.26E-01 6.22E-02 3.06E-09 l.OOE-02 5.71E-09 3.38E-02 Postn
  NM_016762 7.33E-02 9.23E-01 4.18E-10 7.13E-01 8.45E-04 2.21E-03 Matn2
  M94308 6.28E-01 1.49E-01 1.97E-06 3.32E-01 4.69E-07 4.18E-06 Unknown
  M15442 9.35E-01 8.40E-01 9.02E-07 4.77E-01 2.52E-05 2.90E-03 Plpl
  NM_009079 9.10E-02 8.54E-01 1.30E-05 6.10E-01 4.80E-02 5.89E-03 Rpl22
  AB020886 5.50E-01 8.89E-01 3.10E-04 4.31E-01 1.68E-02 3.38E-02 Akapl2
  NM_007429 5.86E-01 9.90E-01 2.42E-02 7.02E-01 4.75E-04 1.82E-02 Agtr2
  NM_008252 6.77E-01 3.70E-01 8.78E-03 3.31E-01 1.04E-02 2.90E-03 Hmgb2
  AL391037 9.52E-01 9.91E-01 2.92E-02 9.14E-01 2.47E-02 4.23E-02 Palmd