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Figure 2

From: A database and tool, IM Browser, for exploring and integrating emerging gene and protein interaction data for Drosophila

Figure 2

Examples of ways to query the database with IM Browser. (A) The query form for adding new interactions to an existing graph, drawing a new graph, finding nodes to color, or applying filters to an existing graph. In Step 1, genes or proteins are selected to be used in a search of the interaction database. To select genes or proteins, gene identifiers (IDs) or wild-cards (*) can be entered or looked up from either Flybase or a lookup table based on gene/protein attributes. A text file of gene IDs can also be uploaded. In Step 2, the interaction data tables to search are selected by checking boxes in the lower half of the window, and the relationship (Union or Intersection) between the interaction tables is specified. (B) Searches can be performed on any or all attributes in the gene/protein information or "look up" table(s). All of the attributes from these tables are listed and searchable; attributes in newly added tables are dynamically added to the list. (C) Individual interaction tables can also be searched to find new interactions or to apply filters to an existing interaction map. All of the attributes in each interaction table are searchable with operators ('=', '<', '>'), and the relationship ('AND', 'OR') between attributes can be specified by the user. In the example, a search of the 'Curagen YTH' table for interactions with a confidence score >0.5 is about to be initiated.

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