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Figure 3

From: Correlation analysis of two-dimensional gel electrophoretic protein patterns and biological variables

Figure 3

Correlation of p53 isoforms towards cancer type (AML or ALL). (A) Correlation analysis of p53 2DE immunoblots from AML and ALL patient samples. A total of 73 immunoblot images from AML and 16 images from ALL were analyzed (left, correlation; right, masked correlation). Green color indicates positive correlation for ALL (maximum positive correlation 0.5557), and brown color indicates negative correlation (maximum negative correlation 0.1464). (B) p53 protein expression in mature lymphocytes, neutrophile granulocytes, and monocytes from healthy donors, examined by 2DE (a-c) and one-dimensional immunoblot (d). For comparison, protein extract from the different normal cell types were analyzed by one-dimensional gel electrophoresis and immunoblotting (d). In the monocyte isolates, immunoglobulin subunits (heavy chain, light chain) from the isolation procedure were detected in addition to weak p53-δ spots (c). Parallel samples of lymphocytes, monocytes and neutrophile granulocytes were analyzed by one-dimensional gel electrophoresis for direct comparison of the protein level in the different cell types on the same immunoblot (d). All immunoblots shown are representative for three or more performed experiments. See Material and Methods for details on cell separation and immunoblotting technique.

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