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Table 4 ORFs and GO terms with highest contributions to the LVs

From: Integrative investigation of metabolic and transcriptomic data

LV ORFs with significant loadings Biological Process GO Terms P-value
LV1+ HXT1, MNT4, HXT3, YER028C, YJL132W, YGL157W, ALD1, ZRT2 hexose transport 1.8E-04
   monosaccharide transport 1.8E-04
   carbohydrate transport 5.2E-04
   transport 7.4E-02
   establishment of localization 7.7E-02
LV1- GSY1, MBR1, ISF1, GDB1, MAL33, QCR8, GLG1, PIG1, YDL157C, CBP4, GPH1, HXK1, GAC1, YPR196W, YLR327C, PRX1, QCR9, PCL7, MAL31, BAP2, INH1, MRK1, YOL053W, YKL187C, YMR103C, MTH1, MCR1, YGR243W, PRS2, ROM1, COX8, COX4, YJR008W, YNL274C, HOR2, COX7, YPL099C, ATP18, QCR10, CNM67, ATP5, ACN9, COX12, COX6 generation of precursor metabolites and energy 1.1E-21
   energy derivation by oxidation of organic compounds 4.4E-17
   oxidative phosphorylation 2.0E-13
   electron transport 1.7E-11
   ATP synthesis coupled electron transport (sensu Eukaryota) 1.9E-10
LV2+ QCR8, PRX1, QCR9, INH1, MCR1, COX8, COX4, COX12, COX6, COX7, ATP18, QCR10, ATP5, AMS1, HAP4, RPM2, PHM8, FBP26, ATP15, YMR034C, YOR220W, TUF1, COR1, ATP3, YNL122C, ATP7, ATP17, ATP20, HXT1, YER028C, YJL132W oxidative phosphorylation 2.7E-25
   generation of precursor metabolites and energy 5.7E-18
   phosphorylation 6.0E-18
   phosphorus metabolism 4.1E-16
   phosphate metabolism 4.1E-16
LV2- PIG1, BAP2, MRK1, PRS2, UBP14, MKC7 regulation of carbohydrate biosynthesis 8.1E-05
   regulation of carbohydrate metabolism 2.1E-04
   regulation of cellular biosynthesis 7.4E-04
   regulation of biosynthesis 7.4E-04
   carbohydrate biosynthesis 1.2E-03
LV3+ PRS2, CBP4, RPL7A, YOR314W, ALD1, ATP5, COX6 purine ribonucleotide biosynthesis 5.6E-04
   purine ribonucleotide metabolism 6.2E-04
   ribonucleotide biosynthesis 6.2E-04
   ribonucleotide metabolism 6.8E-04
   purine nucleotide biosynthesis 7.1E-04
LV3- PIG1, ROM1, CNM67, YBL112C, MSC2, YOL153C, UBI4, RAD2, CHS1, MNT4, ZRT2, PRX1, AMS1, PHM8, FBP26, YMR034C, YOR220W, HXT1, YJL132W asexual reproduction 1.9E-02
   cell budding 1.9E-02
   carbohydrate metabolism 1.9E-02
   reproduction 2.9E-02
   cell homeostasis 3.4E-02
LV4+ MSC2, PRX1, AMS1, PHM8, YMR034C, HXT1, MTH1, YPL099C, TRS23, CYC7, ZRG17, YLR431C, GPG1, YFL034W, PKH1, HXT3, YER028C monosaccharide transport 1.2E-05
   hexose transport 1.2E-05
   carbohydrate transport 5.5E-05
   transport 6.5E-04
   establishment of localization 7.4E-04
LV4- CNM67, MRK1, MKC7, YDL157C, YDR119W, QCR8, QCR9, INH1, COX8, COX4, HAP4, ALD1 oxidative phosphorylation 7.6E-09
   phosphorylation 5.0E-08
   ATP synthesis coupled electron transport (sensu Eukaryota) 6.7E-08
   ATP synthesis coupled electron transport 6.7E-08
   electron transport 1.6E-07
  1. Student's t-test was applied to loadings of the ORFs and only those ORFs with t < 1 × 10-5 (within confidence interval 99.999%) are listed in the Table. GO Mapping was applied to these ORFs and only the top five significant biological process terms are given. (+) and (-) signs indicate positive and negative loadings of the ORFs, respectively.