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Table 3 Results of Chi-Square Test of Independence for Trait Heterogeneity Only datasets. Results of chi-square test of independence for Trait Heterogeneity Only datasets, testing the null hypothesis that the percentage of clustering results achieving the specified cluster recovery level does not differ across clustering methods.

From: Dissecting trait heterogeneity: a comparison of three clustering methods applied to genotypic data

Cluster Recovery Statistic Model χ2 df p
%Results achieving Excellent cluster recovery (ARIHA ≥ 0.90) THO 3713 2 < 0.001
%Results achieving Good cluster recovery (ARIHA ≥ 0.80) THO 3107 2 < 0.001
%Results achieving Moderate cluster recovery (ARIHA ≥ 0.65) THO 2609 2 < 0.001