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Table 1 Folds having domain pairs with undetected similarity by both VAST and SHEBA.

From: ROC and confusion analysis of structure comparison methods identify the main causes of divergence from manual protein classification

Class List of folds
A a.4(1576/13572), a.118(777/2550), a.39(282/1640), a.60(238/812), a.138(166/272), a.24(77/930), a.1(62/930), a.2(47/272), a.100(39/90), a.25(37/182), a.3(37/992), a.29(25/132), a.26(20/650), a.23(10/20), a.28(10/72), a.69(9/20), a.7(9/342), a.93(8/42), a.102(7/600), a.112(4/20), a.127(4/30), a.35(4/110), a.61(4/30), a.5(3/90), a.55(3/20), a.74(3/272), a.116(2/20), a.126(2/30), a.133(2/20), a.137(2/6), a.64(2/20), a.128(1/42), a.144(1/12), a.27(1/72), a.48(1/6), a.6(1/42).
B b.1(2973/57840), b.40(1382/7482), b.34(436/2652), b.82(341/930), b.10(323/1640), b.2(164/702), b.29(163/1056), b.85(91/156), b.43(69/702), b.84(49/182), b.30(32/110), b.50(16/132), b.18(14/552), b.13(12/110), b.35(11/72), b.7(11/182), b.19(10/30), b.6(8/1406), b.80(8/110), b.92(7/56), b.3(6/110), b.60(6/420), b.106(5/6), b.52(4/132), b.49(3/12), b.58(3/20), b.21(2/6), b.45(2/12), b.53(2/6), b.83(2/2).
C c.37(6218/14762), c.1(1152/32942), c.55(929/2756), c.26(255/1722), c.52(228/506), c.2(197/9702), c.23(161/4160), c.69(92/2550), c.94(90/600), c.66(87/1190), c.56(38/552), c.47(17/2550), c.58(16/110), c.92(16/110), c.3(13/2070), c.10(12/306), c.53(12/72), c.8(12/90), c.14(9/110), c.51(9/156), c.72(6/210), c.43(4/42), c.61(3/272), c.36(2/342), c.19(1/6), c.63(1/20), c.78(1/132), c.87(1/30), c.9(1/2), c.97(1/12).
D d.58(2052/17556), d.92(235/552), d.3(221/380), d.142(164/380), d.15(104/3080), d.169(74/552), d.26(74/306), d.17(59/552), d.81(54/210), d.153(49/600), d.166(42/90), d.211(40/132), d.144(33/650), d.110(26/306), d.129(23/182), d.68(23/90), d.2(22/132), d.14(14/240), d.79(14/210), d.108(12/210), d.16(12/182), d.87(10/156), d.4(8/12), d.104(5/210), d.109(4/182), d.122(4/110), d.143(4/6), d.41(4/90), d.67(4/20), d.10(3/20), d.50(3/72), d.184(2/2), d.52(2/90), d.18(1/2), d.74(1/56), d.82(1/6).
E e.8(110/182), e.26(3/6)
F f.1(58/110), f.4(46/182), f.21(12/42), f.23(5/20), f.7(4/6).
G g.3(357/1406), g.41(96/420), g.15(5/90), g.17(4/132), g.39(2/132).
  1. Folds from classes A, B, C, D, E, F and G are reported in rows labeled by the name of the class. Reported folds within a given class are ordered by decreasing number of domain pairs with undetected similarity they contain. The number of such pairs within a fold and the total number of pairs are indicated for each fold in parenthesis. Similarity between domains of a pair was considered undetected when their Pcli and Zscore were below the 5% FPR cutoffs of 1 for Pcli and 1.6 for Zscore.