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Table 2 Centrality measures implemented in CentiBiN. Definitions for these measures can be found in Table 1.

From: Exploration of biological network centralities with CentiBiN

Centrality Type Directed graphs Undirected graphs
Degree Neighbourhood based Yes1 Yes
Eccentricity Distance based Yes Yes
Closeness Distance based Yes Yes
Radiality Distance based Yes Yes
Centroid Distance based Yes Yes
Stress Shortest-Path based Yes Yes
S.-P. Betweenness Shortest-Path based Yes Yes
C.-F. Betweenness Current-Flow based No2 Yes
C.-F. Closeness Current-Flow based No2 Yes
Katz Status Feedback based Yes Yes
Eigenvector Feedback based Yes Yes
Hubbell index Feedback based Yes Yes
Bargaining Feedback based Yes Yes
PageRank Feedback based Yes Yes
HITS-Hubs Feedback based Yes Yes3
HITS-Auths Feedback based Yes Yes3
Closeness- vitality Vitality based Yes Yes
  1. 1 both in- and out-degree
  2. 2 not defined for directed graphs
  3. 3 HITS-Hubs and HITS-Auths give identical results for undirected graphs