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Table 1 Example of biological input data suitable for color-grid representations. An example of the JColorGrid input data format. The format specifies numeric data points and text exceptions as well as optional elements such as the color-grid title, color-scale title, and column and row headings. Data shown in Table 1 is a subset (as indicated on the top left hand corner of the color-grid, Figure 1), of an epistasis genetic screen in yeast, where negative (synthetic lethal) and positive (suppressor) genetic interactions were measured [9]. A more complete dataset was used to generate the color-grid shown in Figure 1

From: JColorGrid: software for the visualization of biological measurements

CWH43 No Data 1.43 -1.29 No Data 0.08 1.31
YDR056C 1.43 No Data 1.39 1.23 0.81 0.23
ROT2 -1.29 1.39 No Data 0.74 0.31 -0.87
ADP1 No Data 1.23 0.74 No Data 0.25 -0.64
SCT1 0.08 0.81 0.31 0.25 No Data No Data
PEP1 1.31 0.23 -0.87 -0.64 No Data No Data