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Table 2 Examples of deflines, and corresponding "canonical" leaf labels. Three genes are used as examples. Their deflines and the corresponding canonical labels are given. The canonical labels were generated from the deflines by RiPE [1], [18]. To obtain a useful tree simplification, at least some of the gene names should follow HUGO-based gene classification. For these, the subfamily letter following the HUGO stem symbol is given in bold, the subsubfamily number is underlined, and the subsubsubfamily letter (if any) is given in italics. The species name in bold comes next, followed by a discriminator that is underlined. HUGO classification is missing in the third example. In this case, we will tacitly assume a classification that is consistent, given the gene tree.

From: Simplifying gene trees for easier comprehension

Label 1 |ABCA6|_ [Homo_sapiens]_ {part1}
Defline 1 NP_525023|__EMBL:Q8N139;Q8N856|ENSEMBL:ENSP00000284425 Tax_Id = 9606 ABC transporter ABCA6 [Homo sapiens]
Label 2 |Abca 8 b|_ [Mus_musculus]_ {part1}
Defline 2 REFSEQ_NP:NP_038879|__EMBL:Q8K440|ENSEMBL:ENSMUSP00000018946; ENSMUSP00000020948 Tax_Id = 10090 Ensembl_locations(Chr-bp): 11-110773415;11-110788088 ATP-binding cassette transporter sub-family A member 8b [Mus musculus]
Label 3 |F02E11.1|_ [Caenorhabditis_elegans]
Defline 3 O16574 (O16574) F02E11.1 protein [Caenorhabditis elegans]