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Table 1 Example of genes from different classesThree genes from each of the 4 classes were selected to illustrate their expression patterns. P_F: P values for the overall F test; P_t: P values at their initial responses; FC: fold changes at their initial responses, where a negative sign indicates down-regulation.

From: Identification of gene expression patterns using planned linear contrasts

Class Gene P_F P_t FC Gene Function
I Pdcd5 5.40E-03 6.30E-04 1.2 apoptosis
  Cetn3 7.40E-05 3.10E-04 1.2 Ca binding
  Kit 3.40E-03 5.30E-04 1.4 growth factor
II Ccl2 3.20E-05 3.70E-04 4.1 chemotaxis
  Csf3 6.30E-03 5.80E-04 3.2 growth factor
  Bub3 2.10E-04 1.20E-04 1.2 cell cycle
III Omp 1.40E-04 1.60E-05 -1.6 marker protein
  Ptdss2 9.00E-05 8.00E-04 -1.4 enzymatic activity
  Tfrc 2.10E-03 3.60E-04 2.1 endocytosis
IV Casp6 4.50E-03 6.60E-04 -1.4 Apoptosis
  Cd68 4.40E-04 2.90E-05 2 macrophage marker
  Slfn4 1.50E-04 7.30E-06 4 cell cycle