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Table 1 Comparison of methodologies.

From: The use of concept maps during knowledge elicitation in ontology development processes – the nutrigenomics use case

  Enterprise Methodology TOVE Methodology Unified Methodology Methontology Diligent
Description of stages High-level description of stages Detail is provided for those ontologies developed with this methodology High-level description of stages Stages are described for the chemical ontology High level description
Terminology extraction N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Generality Not domain specific Not domain specific Not domain specific Not domain specific Not domain specific
Ontology evaluation Competency questions Competency questions and formal axioms No evaluation method is provided An informal evaluation method is used for the Chemical ontology The community evaluates the ontology; agreement process
Distributed/decentralized No No No No Yes
Usability N/A Business and foundational ontologies N/A Chemical ontology N/A
Supporting software N/A N/A N/A WebODE N/A