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Table 2 Example of the structure of linguistic definitions.

From: The use of concept maps during knowledge elicitation in ontology development processes – the nutrigenomics use case

Word Investigation
Verb/Noun Noun
Definition An Investigation is a set, a collection of related studies and assays; a self-contained contained unit of scientific enquiry.
Context Evaluating the effect of an ingredient in a diet traditionally relies on one or more related studies for example where the subject receive different concentrations of the ingredient. The concept of investigation provides a container that allows us to group these studies together.
Notes When can we consider an investigation completed? Ongoing discussion. For instance, according to the Minimal Information About a Microarray Experiment (MIAME) an Experiment is a set of related hybridization that are in some way related (e.g., related to the same publication). In the case of the Investigation, we do not want to tie this concept to a publication or a deposition to a database or a submission to regulatory authority. The decision should be left to the individual investigator.