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Figure 10

From: A new measure for functional similarity of gene products based on Gene Ontology

Figure 10

Distribution of the GO coverage and Pfam coverage. Distribution of the GO coverage and Pfam coverage from UniProt proteins of completely sequenced genomes. GO coverage means proteins annotated with molecular function and biological process and disregarding cellular component. The mean GO coverage for species in the database is 32%. The Pfam annotation is more complete with a mean of 67%. The bins correspond to the following intervals of coverage: B0.0: [0.0, 0.1[; B0.1: [0.1, 0.2[; B0.2: [0.2, 0.3[; B0.3: [0.3, 0.4[; B0.4: [0.4, 0.5[; B0.5: [0.5, 0.6[; B0.6: [0.6, 0.7[; B0.7: [0.7, 0.8[; B0.8: [0.8, 0.9[; B0.9: [0.9, 1.0].

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