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Figure 8

From: A new measure for functional similarity of gene products based on Gene Ontology

Figure 8

Detailed analysis of "hydrolase activity". Proteins annotated with a descendant of "hydrolase activity" are shown in yellow. The six marked proteins (A to F) are all annotated with a single molecular function. The proteins are annotated with the GO terms as follows: Protein A (YBR177C), "serine hydrolase activity" (p = 5.277 * 10-6); Protein B (DBP7), "ATP-dependent RNA helicase activity" (p = 4.22 * 10-5); Protein C (YAL048C), "GTPase activity" (p = 8.69 * 10-4); Protein D (Q36760), "endonuclease activity" (p = 8.96 * 10-3); Protein E (YDL100C), "ATPase activity" (p = 2.24 * 10-2); Protein F (IAH1), "hydrolase activity, acting on ester bonds" (p = 2.71 * 10-2). The probability of the annotated term to occur increases moving on the line from A to F. This shows that proteins annotated with more general terms have a larger distance to all other proteins and thus are placed towards the edges of the plot.

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