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Table 5 Comparing the W A,S and the W R,S scoring methods through statistical tests.

From: Differential prioritization between relevance and redundancy in correlation-based feature selection techniques for multiclass gene expression data

Dataset A C
BRN 16 145
BRN14 33 145
GCM 18 145
NCI60 5 112
PDL 24 115
Lung 22 95
SRBC 10 75
MLL 7 55
AML/ALL 11 55
  1. A is the number of times the null hypothesis that the W R,S scoring method is as good as the W A,S scoring method is rejected in favour of the W A,S scoring method (binomial test). C is the number of times that the right-sided p-value associated with the Wilcoxon signed rank test statistic is below the significance level of 0.05. The maximum values of A and C are both Pmax-1.