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Table 1 Statistics summarising the content of the Autoimmune Disease Database.

From: The Autoimmune Disease Database: a dynamically compiled literature-derived database

Parameter Value Description
N 2,661,938 # abstracts in all of Medline containing proteins/genes recognised by ProMiner
NDisease 401,128 # documents that mention at least one autoimmune disease in the title or abstract.
NDiseaseGene 85,425 # documents in NDisease containing a gene recognised by ProMiner
NMeSH 416,742 # documents that have an autoimmune disease as MeSH term
NMeSHGene 74,610 # documents in NMeSH containing a gene recognised by ProMiner
NAIDB 541,690 # documents union of subset NDisease and NMeSH
NAIDBGene 117,021 # documents in Ndisease and NMeSH containing a gene recognised by ProMiner
Ng 132,577 # protein/gene names recognised by ProMiner including synonyms and orthographic variants
Ngdiff 13,272 # different genes that are recognised by ProMiner in all of Medline
Ngaid 5,471 # genes in the subset related to autoimmune diseases NAIDBGene
MeSH terms 79 # MeSH terms in the context of autoimmune diseases
Concepts 103 # Concepts for autoimmune diseases
  1. Statistics of the AIDB content. Note that the values shown in the table are from 6th of April 2006. The actual values may differ due to an update of the database.