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Table 3 Performance of the ProMiner system.

From: The Autoimmune Disease Database: a dynamically compiled literature-derived database

Organism Precision Recall F-score
Mouse 0.77 0.81 0.79
Yeast 0.97 0.84 0.90
Fly 0.83 0.80 0.82
Accept matches of synonyms associated to up to 3 different Entrez Gene entries
0.74 0.83 0.79
Human 0.86 0.81 0.84
  1. The performance of the ProMiner system for the organisms fly, mouse and yeast was evaluated in the BioCreAtIvE assessment. For the human dictionary we annotated a corpus of 250 abstracts which served as reference corpus to determine recall, precision and F-score. All names are only matched to a gene entry if the recognised synonym is associated only to one gene entry in the corresponding dictionary (called unique matches). Only for the fly organism BioCreAtIvE results with different parameter setting are visualised (c.f. 4th row). Here a recognised name in the text could be matched to up to three different gene entries if the recognised synonym is associated with theses entries.