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Table 4 Experimental conditions used to obtain the data set analyzed in "the ethanol response in E. coli" case study (see reference [16] for more details).

From: A novel data mining method to identify assay-specific signatures in functional genomic studies

Assay characteristics
Assay Strain Sugar 1% EtOH in the initial medium 2% EtOH challenge
1 KO11 Glucose NO NO
2 LY01 Glucose NO NO
3 KO11 Xylose NO NO
4 LY01 Xylose NO NO
5 KO11 Glucose YES NO
6 LY01 Glucose YES NO
7 KO11 Xylose YES NO
8 LY01 Xylose YES NO
9 KO11 Glucose NO YES
10 LY01 Glucose NO YES
11 KO11 Xylose NO YES
12 LY01 Xylose NO YES
  1. Gene expression was surveyed for 4,290 genes in a total of 12 different experimental conditions (i.e., assays).