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Table 1 Predicted cell cycle regulators.

From: Modelling the network of cell cycle transcription factors in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

TF Phase Amplitude Periodicity Notes
Ste12 318° 0.03 0.26 interacts with Mcm1
Mbp1 280° 0.10 0.30 G1/S, member of the Swi6-Mbp1 (MBF) and Swi4-Swi6-Mbp1 complexes
Swi6 278° 0.07 0.32 G1/S, member of the Swi4-Swi6 (SBF), Swi6-Mbp1 (MBF), and Swi4-Swi6-Mbp1 complexes
Swi4 252° 0.07 0.33 G1/S, member of the Swi4-Swi6 (SBF) and Swi4-Swi6-Mbp1 complexes
Spt2 164° 0.03 0.24 interacts with both histones and SWI-SNF components
Fkh2 160° 0.04 0.26 G2-specific transcription in the mitotic cell cycle, forms complex with Ndd1 and Mcm1
Ndd1 098° 0.08 0.30 late S, forms complex with Fkh2 and Mcm1
Bas1 084° 0.02 0.21 regulation of basal and induced expression of genes of the purine and histidine biosynthesis pathways
Mcm1 044° 0.03 0.27 DNA replication initiation (TAS), member of Fkh2-Ndd1-Mcm1 and Mcm1-Swi5-Ace2 complexes
Yox1 025° 0.06 0.19 binds to Mcm1p and Early Cell-cycle Boxes (ECBs) in the promoters of cell cycle-regulated genes expressed in M/G1
Swi5 002° 0.06 0.20 G1 and at the M/G1 boundary, forms complex with Mcm1 and Ace2
Ace2 001° 0.05 0.29 G1, forms complex with Mcm1 and Swi5
  1. Shown are the cell cycle regulators used in the expanded 12-factor model. The phases and amplitudes of the α-coefficients of each factor are calculated from the model's long-term asymptotic dynamics. Transcription factors are ordered by phase and those not in the canonical model are shown in bold.