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Table 2 Significance of miRNA target predictions based on miRNA microarray perturbation data.

From: miTarget: microRNA target gene prediction using a support vector machine

  Down-regulated genes With 3'UTR miTarget Common P-values
miR-1 96 66 2,295 24 9.47E-08
miR-124a 174 117 3,048 36 1.02E-05
miR-373 65 40 2,964 15 2.62E-04
  1. The downregulated gene # is the number of genes downregulated by overexpression of each miRNA, reported in Lim's paper [40] and "With 3'UTR" indicates the number of downregulated genes with a 3'UTR sequence. The "miTarget" is the number of target gene candidates predicted by miTarget; the "Common" means the number of candidates shared by "With 3'UTR". The P-value was calculated by hypergeometric testing.