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Table 1 Properties of E. coli and S. cerevisiae networks. This table compares the charactistics of E. coli and S. cerevisiae source networks which are used in the creation of subnetworks. The extended E. coli network described by Ma et al. [20] has over three times more nodes than the E. coli network described by Shen-Orr et al. [18]. The average path length is longer for this network and the average clustering coefficient is higher. For rigorous definitions of the measurements see additional file 1: addendum.pdf.

From: SynTReN: a generator of synthetic gene expression data for design and analysis of structure learning algorithms

Network properties E. coli[18] E. coli[20] S. cerevisiae
Number of nodes 423 1330 690
Number interactions 578 2724 1094
Average directed path 1.36 1.85 1.44
Average clustering coefficient 0.085 0.20 0.047