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Figure 1

From: TreeDyn: towards dynamic graphics and annotations for analyses of trees

Figure 1

Screen shot of a TreeDyn session using Projection functionalities. TreeDyn enables "on the fly" annotation of nodes or leaf labels using the ToolBox (a). The user selects a tool, for instance "Annotate Subtree, symbol", selects a symbol and a color and then annotates tree elements (see corresponding arrows). Bitmaps may be also imported and linked to trees (in this example a pattern visualization of the tree using the TreePAT package of TreeDyn) (b). The "Newick annotation panel" (c) uses the information stored within the newick string such as branch lengths, bootstrap values or taxonomic levels (before or after the ":" character). The Annotation panel (d) enables loading and posting of annotations as graphical elements, facing tree leaves. In this example, a list of binary variables (Sp1, Sp2, etc.) is displayed as a symbol matrix where black and white dots represent the values 1 and 0 respectively in this example.

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