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Table 1 Genes involved in the strain-specific island of E. coli O157:H7

From: inGeno – an integrated genome and ortholog viewer for improved genome to genome comparisons

Locus Annotation
ECs1272 Rtn-like protein
ECs1273 FidL-like protein
ECs1274 putative transcriptional regulator
ECs1275 putative oxidoreductase
ECs1276 putative chaperone protein
ECs1277 putative outer membrane protein
ECs1278 putative outer membrane usher protein
ECs1279 putative chaperone protein
ECs1280 putative major pilin protein
ECs1282 hemagglutinin/hemolysin-related prote
ECs1283 hemolysin activator-related protein
ECs1284 putative holo- [acyl-carrier protein] synthase
ECs1285 putative 3-oxoacyl-(acyl carrier protein) reductase
ECs1286 putative (3R)-hydroxymyristol-(acyl carrier prot.) dehydratase
ECs1287 putative acyl-carrier-protein
ECs1288 putative aminomethyltransferase
ECs1289 putative 3-oxoacyl- [acyl-carrier-protein] synthase synthase
ECs1321 urease-associated protein Ure
ECs1322 urease gamma subunit
ECs1323 urease beta subunit
ECs1324 urease alpha subunit
ECs1325 urease accessory protein UreE
ECs1326 urease accessory protein UreF
ECs1327 urease accessory protein UreG
ECs1351 putative tellurium resistance protein TerZ
ECs1352 putative tellurium resistance protein TerA
ECs1353 putative tellurium resistance protein TerB
ECs1354 putative tellurium resistance protein TerC
ECs1355 putative tellurium resistance protein TerD
ECs1356 putative tellurium resistance TerE
ECs1358 putative tellurium resistance protein TerF
  1. Genes involved in the strain-specific island (selected region in Figure 3). This table is an excerpt from an inGeno report. All genes belong to a selected strain-specific island of the E. coli O157:H7 genome (location: 1337361–1456555). The annotations marked "unknown", "hypothetic protein" are also included in the inGeno report but not shown for this Table to save space. Similarly, there are a number of "transposases" detected by inGeno, they are excluded from the Table for the same reason.