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Table 1 Data entry pages in RepbaseSubmitter.

From: Annotation, submission and screening of repetitive elements in Repbase: RepbaseSubmitter and Censor

Data Entry Form Purpose
Select Initialization page
Summary Specification of entry Accession, Keywords, Definition, Comments
Sequence Entry of sequence, calculation of DNA content and lengths
Organism Source organism/taxonomy; classification based on current Repbase structure
Protein Specification of coding regions: prediction of ORFs, annotation on DNA sequence, comments describing protein features/functions
References Relevant references to primary literature or databases (Repbase or external such as Genbank, EMBL)
Release Repbase release, relevant database accessions; consensus references
Submission Display of final version prior to submission, perform final checks, submit to relational database for review
  1. The seven main forms presented by RepbaseSubmitter are listed with their title, and a summary of the information which can be entered.