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Table 2 Current Repbase schema for transposable element classification.

From: Annotation, submission and screening of repetitive elements in Repbase: RepbaseSubmitter and Censor

Major Class Superfamilies
DNA transposons Mariner, hAT, MuDR, EnSpm, piggyback, P, Merlin, Harbinger, Transib, Novosib, Mirage, Helitron, Polinton, Rehavkus
LTR retrotransposons Gypsy, Copia, DIRS, BEL
Endogenous retroviruses ERV1, ERV2, ERV3
Non-LTR retrotransposons LINE1 (L1), RTE-1, CRE, CR1 (LINE3), I, Jockey, NeSL, R2, R4, Rex1, RandI, Penelope
Simple repeat Satellites (SAT, MSAT)
  1. Repbase currently recognizes over 40 superfamilies of transposable/repetitive element. The major classes and superfamilies are listed here. The underlying relational database structure of Repbase allows easy addition and modification of the classification scheme, based on currently accepted conventions.