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Table 4 Identification of most influential predictor variables for the best 'cross-location' and 'cross-year' SVM models.

From: Machine learning techniques in disease forecasting: a case study on rice blast prediction

Weather variable(s) excluded Best SVM 'cross-year' model Correlation coefficient (r) Best SVM 'cross-location' model Correlation coefficient (r)
None excluded. All 6 variables (Tmax, Tmin, RHmax, RHmin, Rainfall, RD/week) included 0.979 0.982
Rainfall 0.789 0.949
Rainy days/week 0.974 0.966
Relative Humidity (minimum) 0.866 0.982
Relative Humidity (maximum) 0.953 0.984
Temperature (minimum) 0.968 0.983
Temperature (maximum) 0.973 0.984