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Table 10 An example of a data matrix.

From: A simple spreadsheet-based, MIAME-supportive format for microarray data: MAGE-TAB

ArrayData REF Data1.cel Data1.cel Data2.cel Data2.cel Data3.cel Data3.cel
Reporter REF signal p-value signal p-value signal p-value
Gene 1 x11 p11 x21 p21 x31 p31
Gene 2 x12 p12 x22 p22 x32 p32
Gene 3 x13 p13 x23 p23 x33 p33
... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Gene n x1n p1n x2n p2n x3n p3n
  1. The first row gives references to objects in an SDRF file, for instance to ArrayData URIs in the SDRF in Table 1. The second row specifies the names of the quantitation types that are represented in each column. The first column gives the names of the biological objects these 'expression' measurements relate to, for instance the IDs of the reporters or composite elements in the ADF file or files describing the design of array(s) on which these measurements have been performed. Alternatively, this column may contain identifiers from public sequence databases, or chromosome coordinates from a specified genome build.