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Table 6 Representation of the investigation design in Figure 5 as an SDRF.

From: A simple spreadsheet-based, MIAME-supportive format for microarray data: MAGE-TAB

Source ID Sample ID Extract ID LabeledExtract ID Label Hybridization ID
BS_TKAC_13 BSM_TKAC_01m BSM_TKAC_22p BSM_TKAC_22p biotin HFB2002012101A
BS_TKAC_13 BSM_TKAC_02m BSM_TKAC_23p BSM_TKAC_23p biotin HFB2002012102A
BS_TKAC_13 BSM_TKAC_03m BSM_TKAC_24p BSM_TKAC_24p biotin HFB2002012103A
BS_TKAC_13 BSM_TKAC_04m BSM_TKAC_25p BSM_TKAC_25p biotin HFB2002012104A
BS_TKAC_13 BSM_TKAC_05m BSM_TKAC_26p BSM_TKAC_26p biotin HFB2002012105A
BS_TKAC_13 BSM_TKAC_06m BSM_TKAC_27p BSM_TKAC_27p biotin HFB2002012106A
BS_TKAC_13 BSM_TKAC_07m BSM_TKAC_28p BSM_TKAC_28p biotin HFB2002012107A
BS_TKAC_13 BSM_TKAC_08m BSM_TKAC_29p BSM_TKAC_29p biotin HFB2002012108A
BS_TKAC_13 BSM_TKAC_09m BSM_TKAC_30p BSM_TKAC_30p biotin HFB2002012109A
BS_TKAC_13 BSM_TKAC-10m BSM_TKAC_31p BSM_TKAC_31p biotin HFB2002012110A
BS_TKAC_14 BSM_TKAC_01n BSM_TKAC_22p BSM_TKAC_22p biotin HFB2002012101A
BS_TKAC_14 BSM_TKAC_02n BSM_TKAC_23p BSM_TKAC_23p biotin HFB2002012102A
BS_TKAC_14 BSM_TKAC_03n BSM_TKAC_24p BSM_TKAC_24p biotin HFB2002012103A
BS_TKAC_14 BSM_TKAC_04n BSM_TKAC_25p BSM_TKAC_25p biotin HFB2002012104A
BS_TKAC_14 BSM_TKAC_05n BSM_TKAC_26p BSM_TKAC_26p biotin HFB2002012105A
BS_TKAC_14 BSM_TKAC_06n BSM_TKAC_27p BSM_TKAC_27p biotin HFB2002012106A
BS_TKAC_14 BSM_TKAC_07n BSM_TKAC_28p BSM_TKAC_28p biotin HFB2002012107A
BS_TKAC_14 BSM_TKAC_08n BSM_TKAC_29p BSM_TKAC_29p biotin HFB2002012108A
BS_TKAC_14 BSM_TKAC_09n BSM_TKAC_30p BSM_TKAC_30p biotin HFB2002012109A
BS_TKAC_14 BSM_TKAC-10n BSM_TKAC_31p BSM_TKAC_31p biotin HFB2002012110A
BS_TKAC_15 BSM_TKAC_01o BSM_TKAC_22p BSM_TKAC_22p biotin HFB2002012101A
BS_TKAC_15 BSM_TKAC_02o BSM_TKAC_23p BSM_TKAC_23p biotin HFB2002012102A
BS_TKAC_15 BSM_TKAC_03o BSM_TKAC_24p BSM_TKAC_24p biotin HFB2002012103A
BS_TKAC_15 BSM_TKAC_04o BSM_TKAC_25p BSM_TKAC_25p biotin HFB2002012104A
BS_TKAC_15 BSM_TKAC_05o BSM_TKAC_26p BSM_TKAC_26p biotin HFB2002012105A
BS_TKAC_15 BSM_TKAC_06o BSM_TKAC_27p BSM_TKAC_27p biotin HFB2002012106A
BS_TKAC_15 BSM_TKAC_07o BSM_TKAC_28p BSM_TKAC_28p biotin HFB2002012107A
BS_TKAC_15 BSM_TKAC_08o BSM_TKAC_29p BSM_TKAC_29p biotin HFB2002012108A
BS_TKAC_15 BSM_TKAC_09o BSM_TKAC_30p BSM_TKAC_30p biotin HFB2002012109A
BS_TKAC_15 BSM_TKAC_10o BSM_TKAC_31p BSM_TKAC_31p biotin HFB2002012110A
BS_TKAC_16 BSM_TKAC_01q BSM_TKAC_22p BSM_TKAC_22p biotin HFB2002012101A
BS_TKAC_16 BSM_TKAC_02q BSM_TKAC_23p BSM_TKAC_23p biotin HFB2002012102A
BS_TKAC_16 BSM_TKAC_03q BSM_TKAC_24p BSM_TKAC_24p biotin HFB2002012103A
BS_TKAC_16 BSM_TKAC_04q BSM_TKAC_25p BSM_TKAC_25p biotin HFB2002012104A
BS_TKAC_16 BSM_TKAC_05q BSM_TKAC_26p BSM_TKAC_26p biotin HFB2002012105A
BS_TKAC_16 BSM_TKAC_06q BSM_TKAC_27p BSM_TKAC_27p biotin HFB2002012106A
BS_TKAC_16 BSM_TKAC_07q BSM_TKAC_28p BSM_TKAC_28p biotin HFB2002012107A
BS_TKAC_16 BSM_TKAC_08q BSM_TKAC_29p BSM_TKAC_29p biotin HFB2002012108A
BS_TKAC_16 BSM_TKAC_09q BSM_TKAC_30p BSM_TKAC_30p biotin HFB2002012109A
BS_TKAC_16 BSM_TKAC_10q BSM_TKAC_31p BSM_TKAC_31p biotin HFB2002012110A
  1. The bold highlighting indicates the materials linked to a single hybridization for ease of viewing this example.