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Figure 4

From: Integrated siRNA design based on surveying of features associated with high RNAi effectiveness

Figure 4

The ROC graph shows the performance the DRM rule sets of several α levels (filled circles) and that of several existing online predicting tools (open diamonds, "Dharmacon" denotes Dharmacon Inc.'s siDesign Center, "GenScript" denotes GenScript Corp.'s siRNA Target Finder, "IDT" denotes Integrated DNA Technologies Inc.'s RNAi Design (SciTools), "Invitrogen" denotes Invitrogen Corp.'s BLOCK-iT RNAi Designer, and "siSearch" stands for the siSearch tool by CGB, Karolinska Institutet). A siRNA experiment was considered effective if it achieved > 70% efficacy (was rated "high" or "very high" efficacy). The dotted line denotes the diagonal of the ROC. Unlike the diagonal line in a ROC of a common training task which represents the performance of a random guesser, the diagonal line shown in this graph represents the general siRNA design practice, because this is where the siRecords data were obtained. Symbols to the left-upper side of the diagonal line represent design rules that perform better than the general design practice. The farther away a symbol is from the dotted line, the better performance the corresponding design tool presents.

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