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Table 2 Non-redundant DRM rule set for the highest α level:RS 0.951 .

From: Integrated siRNA design based on surveying of features associated with high RNAi effectiveness

Feature F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 F12 F13 F14 F15 F16 F17
Rule 1              
Rule 2             
Rule 3            
Rule 4            
Rule 5            
Rule 6            
Rule 7            
List of features:
Feature Index Feature Names
F1 2nd nucleotide = A
F2 4th nucleotide = C
F3 6th nucleotide ≠ C
F4 7th nucleotide ≠ U
F5 9th nucleotide = C
F6 17th nucleotide = A
F7 18th nucleotide ≠ C
F8 19th nucleotide = (A/U)
F9 At least three (A/U)s in the seven nucleotides at the 3' end
F10 No occurrences of four or more identical nucleotides in a row
F11 No occurrences of G/C stretches of length 7 or longer
F12 G/C content is between 35 and 60%
F13 Tm is between 20 and 60°C
F14 Binding energy of N16–N19 > -9 KCal/Mol
F15 Binding energy of N16–N19 – binding energy of N1–N4 is between 0 and 1 KCal/Mol
F16 Local folding potential (mean) ≥ -22.72 KCal/Mol
F17 Target site is on CDS